Saturday, May 19, 2012

   People don't always have a choice in what they're going to do today.  They don't always have a choice in where they're going to go today.  But I believe all human beings have a choice as to who they're going to be today.

Monday, May 7, 2012

At the headwaters of the Jordan River, Jesus nearly begs for a profession of faith from his disciples, even after they’ve witnessed His miracles and heard His profound teaching.  Jesus asks: “Who do you say that I am?”  Don’t give me someone else’s thoughts.  Who is the Jesus you know?  That’s the only Jesus that can really touch your heart and bring you freedom. 
Finally, Peter responds: “You are the Christ!” (Mark 8:29). “Jesus gave him strict orders not to tell anyone” (8:30).  This is a curious order.  Since each one of us has to travel the same path of death and doubt for ourselves ~ and come out the other side, we need to figure it out for ourselves.  No one can do this homework for you.
The helps of those who have gone before us or those who offer spiritual insight are very helpful and necessary.  That’s why the Church keeps alive the memory of our saints.
The murdered body of Jesus is forever an image of what the world does to love ~ it fears it and kills it.  Yet God will have the last word: This Jesus that you've killed and hated, I raise Him up and hold Him now before all the nations.  Until the end of time, He is the sign of how love will win, for love is always stronger than death.
Jesus’ love of the unbelieving disciples is an eternal promise of His love of all disciples, like you and me.  On Pentecost we celebrate part of the fulfillment of the promises of Jesus… the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Let’s celebrate that gift and use it every day.